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Garrett Gurthie Halo Wraith – GG is one of the most entertaining players in the game! His 2021 Tour Series Disc is the Innova Halo Wraith. The Halo discs from Innova have hit the ground running. They are such beautiful discs and the plastic really feels sturdy and dense in your hand. The Wraith is one of the best discs ever made along, with it’s big brother the Destroyer. The Wraith is an 11 speed that is extremely workable, it gets a ton of distance and is easier to throw than the Destroyer. The Halo Wraith looks amazing and has a really great feel in the hand. They have a little dome to them and a smidge stiffer feel than standard Star plastic. With a denser, firmer feeling plastic these are really great and people will love them. We really love how these discs look and feel and we can’t wait to get a couple and test them. Grab a Garrett Gurthie Halo Wraith today!!


Here is what Innova says about this awesome run: “Garret Gurthie knows how to throw FAR! Garrett understands that control & distance are both important and his weapon of choice is the Wraith. These Halo beauties have that added high speed stability and glide you’ve come to expect with Halo discs. Add some flash to your game with these hot color combos.”

Garrett Gurthie 2022 Tour Series Halo Wraith


    • Disc weight: 173-75g
    • Speed: 11
    • Glide: 5
    • Turn: -1
    • Fade: 3
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