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The Buzzz SS is a less stable verzion of the ultra-popular Discraft Buzzz. This midrange has a similar feel to the Buzzz, with a rounder, smoother feeling rim. Players that want that Buzzz flight but can't quite get it to fly straight, or players that love the rounded, convex rim shape will love the Buzzz SS. Don't be fooled, this is not an understable midrange, like the Meteor or Comet. This is a straight flyer meant to be workable for low to even moderately high powered shots. 


Discraft ESP is an advanced polymer plastic that is more durable than Elite-X and grippier than Z Line plastic. This plastic blend provides the perfect combination of grip and durability and often includes attractive color swirls.


    • Diameter: 21.60 cm
    • Height: 2.10 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.30 cm
    • Rim Width: 1.30 cm
    • Max Weight: 177g
    • Speed: 5.0
    • Glide: 4.0
    • Turn: -2.0
    • Fade: 1.0
    • Primary Use: Mid Range
    • Stability: Understable
    • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Plastic grade(s): Durable, Midgrade, Premium, Rubber
    • Beadless
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