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The biggest change for this year's Discraft 2024 tour series is PMcB's new choice of mold. Rather than the Discraft Luna, he's changed over to his newest mold, the Kratos. Based on the Luna the Kratos is a shallower and beaded version, with added stability. This makes it a great driving putter, and the Jawbreaker Z FLX will make it even better!

These are likely to be the most popular mold in this release. Pick up a Tour Series Kratos quickly, before that awful out-of-stock message appears!


Here's what Discraft says about the 2024 Tour Series Kratos:

It is time for the next big release of the Paul McBeth Line - the Discraft Kratos!

Whether you're sinking putts or threading approaches, the Kratos is your ticket to a more consistent and reliable game. Don't just play; dominate the course with a disc that's set to become a staple in bags everywhere. 


Get ready to redefine your game, get ready for the Kratos! Engineered for both putt and approach, the Kratos is the power-up you've been waiting for to elevate your game. 


For the past two years, the Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic has been the talk of the town. Featured at numerous tournaments and in limited special runs, it has been hailed for its unique feel and performance. It is a blend of Jawbreaker into the standard Z FLX plastic, giving an extremely unique and swirly effect, as well as incredibly rubbery/tacky grip. These are durable, premium and beautiful! A unique opportunity not to be missed.


    • Diameter: 21.20 cm
    • Height: 2.00 cm
    • Rim Depth: 1.40 cm
    • Rim Width: 1.10 cm
    • Max Weight: N/A
    • Speed: 3.0
    • Glide: 3.0
    • Turn: 0.0
    • Fade: 3.0
    • Primary Use: Putt & Approach
    • Stability: Overstable
    • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone
    • Plastic grade(s): Premium
    • Beaded
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